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Are you struggling in your relationship? Going through a divorce or contemplating one? You can’t change someone else so now it's time for YOU!

You need someone to stand beside you, climb that hill with you, and help you keep going! I get it! I have been there! I will walk with you! You CAN DO THIS!

Amie Woolsey
What I do

Help women never doubt they are Valuable & Powerful

You are more powerful than you think! You can be truly happy–even if you don’t think so now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes you need someone to show you the way. I have been there…I can walk with you and show you a better way, a way where you trust yourself, your instincts, and others.

You are strong enough! You are worth enough! YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Hi! I'm Amie Woolsey

Healing Takes Work

Realizing how much work it takes to heal or navigate life with an addict can feel overwhelming and lonely. I am here to tell you – you are not alone. There is hope and healing available, if you choose to invest in yourself

I did not grow up thinking I would be the wife of an addict or that I would have a (now ex) husband who was unfaithful. No one prepared me for that. So, when I discovered my ex-husband’s infidelity and pornography addiction, the shock and fear were debilitating. I was confused–not knowing how I felt, or not really feeling at all. Even my faith in God wavered, and I felt shame from that. 

I was left wondering what to do and unsure where to begin. I remember believing that if he would just change and get better, then I would feel better. I now understand that feeling better is not contingent on his choices, and neither was my healing. 

Amie Woolsey

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The Empowered Divorce Podcast

As a certified, therapist-approved life coach, I have worked with hundreds of women who are experiencing betrayal trauma, abuse and divorce. When you have experienced PTSD due to your partners infidelity, addiction and abusive behaviors, it’s chipped away at your sense of empowerment. Divorce is hard enough, but divorcing after trauma is another level of hard. My goal is to help women navigate divorce from a place of empowerment, dignity and strength. I offer tools to practice each week and you will hear interviews from other women who have tapped into their power to move forward and thrive!

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