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Believing in YOU
Membership & Coaching

Believe you can heal and create the life experience you want.
Believe you have what it takes.
Gain self-confidence and empowerment in your decisions and ability to trust yourself.
Heal from betrayal and learn how to move forward.

Amie Woolsey

Invest in Yourself

I am always wanting my clients to have the best and provide opportunities for you to continue to heal and thrive. It’s important to me that each of my clients feel seen and heard.

Even though group coaching is a key factor in taking your healing to the next level, I also see value in 1:1 coaching as a way to feel safe and seen as an individual on this healing journey. 

Believing In You MEMBERSHIP provides you with ongoing coaching in multiple ways:

  • You have the option to renew your membership each 12-week cycle.
  • Each 12-week cycle of the membership will include 2 free individual coaching sessions
  • Access to Marco Polo
  • Receive weekly coaching in addition to help you keep your brain BELIEVING IN YOU!

I feel honored to be trusted to walk alongside you in your healing and will always strive to make this membership support you in that. 

For Every Woman who needs just a little Inspiration - You Got this!

Believe in YOURSELF

Sometimes life just throws a curve-ball.

You planned everything out, married the perfect man, started your family, and then… life happened.


Trust yourself again, be the woman you were meant to be, and ROCK IT!

child looking at wall that says Believe in Yourself
Tools and Knowledge

What You Gain

Invest in Yourself

You'll be so glad you did!

3 Payment options

  • Weekly payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Pay 12 weeks at a time to receive additional discount price

Your Investment:
$85/wk, $340/mo. or $900/12-wk cycle ($120 in savings)

What's Included:

  • Continuous weekly coaching until you cancel your membership
  • Two free 1:1 session in that 12-week time period
  • 20 hours of coaching each 12-week cycle!
  • Marco Polo will still be an option for additional coaching
  • Facebook group for moral support and or coaching
  • You may renew or cancel your membership every 12-week cycle
  • Continued membership holds your membership rate at the price in which you signed up

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