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The Empowered Divorce Podcast

As a certified, therapist-approved life coach, I have worked with hundreds of women who are experiencing betrayal trauma, abuse and divorce. When you have experienced PTSD due to your partners infidelity, addiction and abusive behaviors, it’s chipped away at your sense of empowerment. Divorce is hard enough, but divorcing after trauma is another level of hard. My goal is to help women navigate divorce from a place of empowerment, dignity and strength. I offer tools to practice each week and you will hear interviews from other women who have tapped into their power to move forward and thrive!

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Wisdom tidbits from Amie

Friday Messages...

Don't Pick Up the Rope

Don’t Pick Up the Rope

Whether it’s with your ex or someone else in your life that is unhealthy, we can stay tied to them and feel dragged through the mud and wonder why or how to stop it.
Today I share an idea that came to my mind when I asked this same question. I want to show you how to untie the rope and start taking your power back.

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Effects from Betrayal Trauma

Effects from Betrayal Trauma

So many women minimize their own trauma and so many other people minimize a woman’s trauma. There are very real consequences from the effects of someone else’s actions.

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What's Your Next Step after Betrayal Trauma

Process to Progress: Take Your Next Step

Many women who experience betrayal and have their life turned upside down are now trying to navigate the future that’s filled with unknowns.
Its so important to prepare for that future with all its unknowns. Learn a 4 step process to help you get started creating YOUR life.

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Amie Woolsey on video talking about trusting yourself again

Trusting Yourself Again – Boundaries

One of the elements of trust is respecting boundaries. I can trust you when you respect my boundaries and you can trust me when I respect yours. But what about having and respecting boundaries with yourself?

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when Holiday traditons change cover image

When Holiday Traditions Change

Whether this Christmas is different because of trauma and grief or you are now a single mom, the traditions that we used to have can most often not be something we want to do anymore, or we are not able to do them the way we used to anymore.

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Amie's Insights...

The Choose to Be

Podcast Episodes...

Choose to Be Podcast

Trauma 101: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn

Amie and Alana discuss the basics of the acute stress response fight, flight, freeze and fawn. Understanding these distinct responses can help explain how your experiences show up in your reactions and behavior.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Happy Love You Forever Day

Amie shares thoughts about what self love looks like and how it can help you to recognize what healthy intimacy looks like in your relationships. But it all has to start with YOU.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Understanding Self Compassion

You may be surprised after hearing this episode to learn more about what self compassion is, and is not. They walk through some common myths about self compassion and of course share real life examples of how they have struggled to practice implementing this in their own lives, but how it works when they do!

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Oldies but Goodies

Some of my first stuff, but still pretty important...

stuck in fear

VLOG: Stuck In Fear

No judgement here! Fear is real and intense and when we have been betrayed fears fun wild in the brain and set up camp. Today I share

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Just Slice It


Have you found yourself wanting the trial to be over so badly that you would be willing to walk across fire if it meant getting

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This is the Worst VLOG

VLOG: This is the WORST!

I want to make a case for this thought right here… that the belief that pleasure is always positive and pain is always negative is

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