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The Empowered Divorce Podcast

As a certified, therapist-approved life coach, I have worked with hundreds of women who are experiencing betrayal trauma, abuse and divorce. When you have experienced PTSD due to your partners infidelity, addiction and abusive behaviors, it’s chipped away at your sense of empowerment. Divorce is hard enough, but divorcing after trauma is another level of hard. My goal is to help women navigate divorce from a place of empowerment, dignity and strength. I offer tools to practice each week and you will hear interviews from other women who have tapped into their power to move forward and thrive!

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Wisdom tidbits from Amie

Friday Messages...

puppy looking up at Amie

Love Is Always an Option

As I stared into these little puppy dog eyes feeling so frustrated that she wouldn’t do what I wanted her to do, I realized that I could feel frustrated, or choose to feel love.
When we can’t control things in our lies it’s easy to let the negative emotions of that overcome us. It’s hard sometimes to choose love.
Today I share some thoughts about how to do this and who it really benefits.

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image of flower on table saying learn how to doubt your self doubt

Learn To Doubt Your Self Doubts

Our ability to grow is only limited by our Self Doubt. So what are you afraid of if you make this change or set this goal? What is your brain making it mean if you stop doing something that you have been doing for years?! Why is it doubting your ability to change this thing?

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Trusting Your Gut, Woman touching her stomach

Trusting Your Gut

Women are wondering how to trust not only their spouse again but how to trust themselves again.
You might have a partner that is doing the work and getting the help but how do we go about trusting again? do I trust him? When do I start trusting him?

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Fear of grief, woman with shirt over face

The Fear Of Grief

The word GRIEF alone creates some negative emotions, let alone actually experiencing all the emotions that are apart of the grief cycle. It’s something that we all as humans try to avoid at every cost!

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Flag flying over area after 9/11


In remembrance of 9-11-21 the word FREEDOM came to mind. More specifically, FREEDOM from abuse. There are many ways that we do not exercise our freedom. The freedom to have a voice, to feel, to change our minds and so forth. I see more and more cases of abuse and notice how many woman minimize their abuse.

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boys playing football on the ground, lean into the pain

Leaning Into The Pain

I want to share thoughts about how we can lean into our pain and how it will actually help us to have less suffering. If you want help with the steps you can take to lean into your pain and let it move through you then lets chat.

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Amie's Insights...

The Choose to Be

Podcast Episodes...

Choose to Be Podcast


Amie and Alana talk about the dangers of comparison in our life and along our healing journey. We do this in so many ways, compare if our partner is or isn’t doing the recovery work like the other partners, or why am I still struggling in anger or depression…

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Choose to Be Podcast

Common Mistakes We Make With Boundaries

The importance of having your own value system identified, knowing the difference between a boundary and an ultimatum or demand, and where we sometimes lack in follow through and much more.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Power in Giving Yourself Permission

Do you find it easy to give someone else permission to rest, self care, do what they need or want but find it extremely hard to give YOURSELF permission? Perhaps you feel it’s selfish, or that it’s not necessary?

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Choose to Be Podcast

Healing Through Trauma

We talk about how important it is to have support when you are going through betrayal trauma or divorce, struggles that can come up in religious culture through healing, how to know we need help, and gaining worth and empowerment in your journey. It’s packed with awesomeness!

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Choose to Be Podcast


Perfectionism can be something we have had our whole life, or it can come from the onset of betrayal. Perfection around body image and making everything we do mean something about our worth and value is dangerous.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Healing With Hope

Alana and Amie talk about how important hope is in the healing journey, but also how an unwise amount of hope can work against us. Learning to navigate this can greatly impact how we move forward.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Taming Your Triggers with guests Hali Roderick and Luke Gordon

Triggers are a huge part of healing and also just a huge part of being human. Learning how to tame those triggers is a skill worth developing. Hali shares her thoughts and tools on how to do just that! When the spouse who has been betrayed has these triggers, it’s often frustrating and confusing to the other partner and can often cause further damage.

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Oldies but Goodies

Some of my first stuff, but still pretty important...

The Power of Silence

VLOG: Power of Silence

I remember feeling like I had to respond and answer and correct and clarify every email, every text and it was exhausting. It consumed my

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