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The Empowered Divorce Podcast

As a certified, therapist-approved life coach, I have worked with hundreds of women who are experiencing betrayal trauma, abuse and divorce. When you have experienced PTSD due to your partners infidelity, addiction and abusive behaviors, it’s chipped away at your sense of empowerment. Divorce is hard enough, but divorcing after trauma is another level of hard. My goal is to help women navigate divorce from a place of empowerment, dignity and strength. I offer tools to practice each week and you will hear interviews from other women who have tapped into their power to move forward and thrive!

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Wisdom tidbits from Amie

Friday Messages...

Bitter Isn't Better in Divorce

Bitter Isn’t Better

I had a client who had decided that divorce was the next best step for her and her situation- and at the same time she wanted to know how to not become bitter towards her spouse as she moved towards divorce and I thought that was such a great question. So I want to talk about how to overcome bitterness in my message today.

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Loving Yourself IN the mess

Loving Yourself IN the Mess

I hear so many women say- my life is a mess, I hate it, i just want to fix this mess, how did it get to be such a mess? Today i want to challenge these thoughts and offer a new thought. What if you could love yourself in the mess? What if the mess doesn’t mean anything about YOU?

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People Pleaser, woman confused

I’m A Recovering People Pleaser (is that ok?)

When we are regularly placing someone’s needs and wants before your own, and then bottling up your own feelings, and then stay silent about what we are really thinking and feeling or what we really want to do or not do, it’s a self destructive path to be on.

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Yes Spiritual Abuse Is A Thing And Does Exists

Let’s Break the Silence on Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse shows up more and more as I work with clients and as I have experienced this in my own life. It’s hard to recognize, and even harder to accept when you become aware spiritual abuse exists and is often coupled with other types of abuse.

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Clean out your brain

Let’s Dejunk!

If you are tired of waking up with the same junk thoughts your brain keeps offering you, it’s time for some cleaning up. I want to help you see that it’s not only possible, but you will see that you are capable.

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Dare to think differently, woman thinking

Dare to Think Differently

We are often afraid to think differently because our human brain thinks its dangerous. I want to share a message about daring to think differently-

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Amie's Insights...

This is the Worst VLOG

VLOG: This is the WORST!

I want to make a case for this thought right here… that the belief that pleasure is always positive and pain is always negative is

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Just Slice It


Have you found yourself wanting the trial to be over so badly that you would be willing to walk across fire if it meant getting

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The Choose to Be

Podcast Episodes...

Choose to Be Podcast

The Elements Of Abuse Course Announcement

Due to the amazing feedback and growing interest for help and tools around the topic of abuse and addiction, Kimberly Day and myself have a NEW COURSE starting October 10th to help with this very thing! Today I talk about how this course will be an amazing tools and place to start for those who are looking for help and haven’t yet found it.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Healing Power Of Acceptance

Alana and Amie discuss the importance of acceptance in out healing journey. Acceptance is not approving, so we talk about the difference and show how the willingness to see things as they really are is where you can access the power to heal and move forward.

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Choose to Be Podcast

The Stories We Create and How to Break Free

Explore thoughts and stories that keep us stuck. As we look deeper into why we create stories, which ones are helpful, and which ones imprison us, we can break free from the trauma and continue to move forward.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Miracles Through Turbulent Times

This episode is from Amie’s first webinar ever! Tune in today as she shares parts of her own journey and talks about how to move forward when you feel like you have an ocean in front of you and an attacking army behind you.

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Choose to Be Podcast

Stages of Grief and Betrayal Trauma

In this episode, Alana shares the critical parts of healing from betrayal and why allowing yourself to grieve is so important to your healing. As they’ve studied betrayal trauma, they have found that the healing from that, directly parallels the healing of the trauma of losing a loved one suddenly.

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Choose to Be Podcast

CHOOSE TO BE: Hope For the Future

In this episode Amie has a discussion with the women from her YSA Dating course. They talk about the struggles with dating in todays world, the fears that they have and how through this 11 week dating course they have found hope for their future and are learning to love themselves FIRST!

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Oldies but Goodies

Some of my first stuff, but still pretty important...

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