Betrayal Trauma

Don't Pick Up the Rope

Don’t Pick Up the Rope

Whether it’s with your ex or someone else in your life that is unhealthy, we can stay tied to them and feel dragged through the mud and wonder why or how to stop it.
Today I share an idea that came to my mind when I asked this same question. I want to show you how to untie the rope and start taking your power back.

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You Are Not Your Trauma

When you really start latching on to this new world of learning and understanding your trauma and addiction, finding safe circles and safe people and really start to put the puzzle pieces together it starts to create this level of understanding awareness and safety, and It becomes this huge relief!

Choose to Be Podcast

How To Get Grounded

Learning to recognize when you are NOT grounded, centered and in the present is half the battle. This can be difficult to do at first, so no self judgement here! Being aware of how this shows up for you is the first step. We discuss some common signs that can give us this warning. 

Choose to Be Podcast

Healing Through Trauma

We talk about how important it is to have support when you are going through betrayal trauma or divorce, struggles that can come up in religious culture through healing, how to know we need help, and gaining worth and empowerment in your journey. It’s packed with awesomeness!

Flag flying over area after 9/11


In remembrance of 9-11-21 the word FREEDOM came to mind. More specifically, FREEDOM from abuse. There are many ways that we do not exercise our freedom. The freedom to have a voice, to feel, to change our minds and so forth. I see more and more cases of abuse and notice how many woman minimize their abuse.

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