Friday Messages

Don't Pick Up the Rope

Don’t Pick Up the Rope

Whether it’s with your ex or someone else in your life that is unhealthy, we can stay tied to them and feel dragged through the mud and wonder why or how to stop it.
Today I share an idea that came to my mind when I asked this same question. I want to show you how to untie the rope and start taking your power back.

Helpful Tips for the Holidays

Holiday Tips

We have a manual for our children, our spouse, our family, and even one for the holidays. Instructions for how they should or shouldn’t behave, what they should say or NOT say, how things should go and what we should do and how we should react…

puppy looking up at Amie

Love Is Always an Option

As I stared into these little puppy dog eyes feeling so frustrated that she wouldn’t do what I wanted her to do, I realized that I could feel frustrated, or choose to feel love.
When we can’t control things in our lies it’s easy to let the negative emotions of that overcome us. It’s hard sometimes to choose love.
Today I share some thoughts about how to do this and who it really benefits.

Flag flying over area after 9/11


In remembrance of 9-11-21 the word FREEDOM came to mind. More specifically, FREEDOM from abuse. There are many ways that we do not exercise our freedom. The freedom to have a voice, to feel, to change our minds and so forth. I see more and more cases of abuse and notice how many woman minimize their abuse.

boys playing football on the ground, lean into the pain

Leaning Into The Pain

I want to share thoughts about how we can lean into our pain and how it will actually help us to have less suffering. If you want help with the steps you can take to lean into your pain and let it move through you then lets chat.

Bitter Isn't Better in Divorce

Bitter Isn’t Better

I had a client who had decided that divorce was the next best step for her and her situation- and at the same time she wanted to know how to not become bitter towards her spouse as she moved towards divorce and I thought that was such a great question. So I want to talk about how to overcome bitterness in my message today.

Loving Yourself IN the mess

Loving Yourself IN the Mess

I hear so many women say- my life is a mess, I hate it, i just want to fix this mess, how did it get to be such a mess? Today i want to challenge these thoughts and offer a new thought. What if you could love yourself in the mess? What if the mess doesn’t mean anything about YOU?

Clean out your brain

Let’s Dejunk!

If you are tired of waking up with the same junk thoughts your brain keeps offering you, it’s time for some cleaning up. I want to help you see that it’s not only possible, but you will see that you are capable.

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