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Understanding Self Compassion

You may be surprised after hearing this episode to learn more about what self compassion is, and is not. They walk through some common myths about self compassion and of course share real life examples of how they have struggled to practice implementing this in their own lives, but how it works when they do!

Choose to Be Podcast

You Are Not Your Trauma

When you really start latching on to this new world of learning and understanding your trauma and addiction, finding safe circles and safe people and really start to put the puzzle pieces together it starts to create this level of understanding awareness and safety, and It becomes this huge relief!

Choose to Be Podcast

Being Seen

Guest Kristen Watson talks about how often women feel they not only have no idea what their style even is anymore or feel overwhelm when they go shopping which often leads right to self hate, body hate and we stop looking at ourselves. Women have more negative self talk in the dressing room than any other place we go!

Choose to Be Podcast

How To Get Grounded

Learning to recognize when you are NOT grounded, centered and in the present is half the battle. This can be difficult to do at first, so no self judgement here! Being aware of how this shows up for you is the first step. We discuss some common signs that can give us this warning. 

Choose to Be Podcast

Stepping Into Thriving

When you have been a victim of someone else’s choices that created chaos and pain in your life. Sometimes undesirable pain, it’s understandable how it feels powerless and overwhelmingly paralyzing. Sometimes the term victim takes on a negative connotation, and so it’s a place we can often judge ourselves in. 

Choose to Be Podcast


Amie and Alana talk about the dangers of comparison in our life and along our healing journey. We do this in so many ways, compare if our partner is or isn’t doing the recovery work like the other partners, or why am I still struggling in anger or depression…

Choose to Be Podcast

Healing Through Trauma

We talk about how important it is to have support when you are going through betrayal trauma or divorce, struggles that can come up in religious culture through healing, how to know we need help, and gaining worth and empowerment in your journey. It’s packed with awesomeness!

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