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Understanding Self Compassion

You may be surprised after hearing this episode to learn more about what self compassion is, and is not. They walk through some common myths about self compassion and of course share real life examples of how they have struggled to practice implementing this in their own lives, but how it works when they do!

Choose to Be Podcast

Stepping Into Thriving

When you have been a victim of someone else’s choices that created chaos and pain in your life. Sometimes undesirable pain, it’s understandable how it feels powerless and overwhelmingly paralyzing. Sometimes the term victim takes on a negative connotation, and so it’s a place we can often judge ourselves in. 

Choose to Be Podcast


Amie and Alana talk about the dangers of comparison in our life and along our healing journey. We do this in so many ways, compare if our partner is or isn’t doing the recovery work like the other partners, or why am I still struggling in anger or depression…

Choose to Be Podcast


Perfectionism can be something we have had our whole life, or it can come from the onset of betrayal. Perfection around body image and making everything we do mean something about our worth and value is dangerous.

Choose to Be Podcast

Healing With Hope

Alana and Amie talk about how important hope is in the healing journey, but also how an unwise amount of hope can work against us. Learning to navigate this can greatly impact how we move forward.

puppy looking up at Amie

Love Is Always an Option

As I stared into these little puppy dog eyes feeling so frustrated that she wouldn’t do what I wanted her to do, I realized that I could feel frustrated, or choose to feel love.
When we can’t control things in our lies it’s easy to let the negative emotions of that overcome us. It’s hard sometimes to choose love.
Today I share some thoughts about how to do this and who it really benefits.

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