Healing Power Of Acceptance

Welcome to Season 2 of the Choose To Be Podcast with Alana Gordon and Amie Woolsey.

What an amazing first season and its thanks to all of you amazing listeners for joining our conversation each week and sharing it with those around you. The number of our listeners have grown more than we had hoped for our first season and hoping to reach even more!

The message of hope and healing is so important for us all to not inly feel for ourselves but important to share with others who may not have any.

In the first episode of Season 2, Alana and Amie discuss the importance of acceptance in out healing journey. Acceptance is not approving, so we talk about the difference and show how the willingness to see things as they really are is where you can access the power to heal and move forward.

It’s important to accept the emotions we are having as well, from sadness to anger to peace, it’s about being in the present moment with all of it and seeing things as they really are.

When we don’t we just layer the negative emotions one on top of another and that’s when we feel like life it too much to handle, that’s when we feel the suffering.

What about accepting your body as it is? Amie shares her journey to accepting her body and unraveling the trauma from her past and learning to accept her body as it is.

Join us in this powerful episode and we hope that you too will begin to practice accepting what is in your life so that you can not only see the reality of it, but choose to change it if and when you want!

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