VLOG: Honoring Your Trauma Response

Honoring Your Trauma Response

We have been learning more about the cute little personality of our new little puppy.

She is so funny and lately she has been afraid of her own shadow!

She will walk outside to go to the bathroom and she will hear the leaves blowing and run back inside. If she hears a car drive by she runs back inside, and heaven forbid the two big dogs next door come out for their potty time–she runs so fast back to the door she sometimes trips over herself despite the fact that she can’t even see them from the other side of the fence!

Her little doggie brain, as of late, is very fearful.

It’s easy for me to look at her and just shake my head, laugh and say how silly she is being, it’s just the leaves blowing. But to her it’s very scary.

I got to thinking how many fears I have overcome and how at one point in my life, “leaves blowing in the wind” was very scary.

That’s what happens when our brain experiences trauma, it is now going to be hyper vigilant in protecting us.

For me, the “leaves blowing in the wind” was the sound of a text message, a love song on the radio, the silence when the kids were gone, or even sitting in church. My brain said “danger”.

I used to HATE this trauma response and felt as if I were doing something WRONG and just not healing enough, thinking I had to do better and be better.

This is NOT TRUE.

When we have experienced trauma our brain will now warn us about the “leaves blowing” and that there might be danger on the other side of the fence.

I have since realized that one way we can reclaim our power is to honor and thank our brain and body for doing their jobs in warning us of danger.

I recently had an opportunity to thank my brain and body for letting me know that I had just walked over towards the bush with the “tiger” behind it. Even though I was OK, by brain remembered that the last time I walked over towards the bush…I got bit in the butt. . So, THANK YOU brain for reminding me that once, that was very dangerous–but I’m OK, and I will be OK.

This eliminated my shame, it helped me to have compassion on myself and move forward.

Honor your trauma responses rather than judge or shame yourself for them.

You are not doing it wrong, failing, or going backwards when you have one. This is what trauma does, so be kind to yourself because the leaves blowing in the wind can sometimes be scary 🙂 .

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