Hurting Your Own Feelings?

Yep, this one will either make your head hurt or make you hate me haha.

Today I want to offer you a different way to think about your hurt and pain in your life.

Many of my clients are struggling with feeling of hurt and they have been stuck in this place for a while, years even. You will absolutely stay stuck until you can step into your power and own your own emotions.

You absolutely get to feel hurt. But we need to take ownership of our thoughts about what others have done that’s created our hurt.

This does not mean that you caused someone to hurt you, it does not mean it’s your fault.

It also does not mean that you cant feel hurt.

It means that we live in a world where we cant control the other human brains and circumstances and we are here to experience hurt.

But as agents over our life, we are the ones who get to choose how we think and feel about all of it. I think that’s amazing! Today I tell you why.

If you want to understand this more , book a FREE session with me today and lets chat. It’s possible to move forward and I’d love to show you how.

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Amie Woolsey

Hi, I’m Amie.

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