PODCAST: WORTH YSA: An Interview with Amie

Amie had been married for 18 years before she came to understand why her marriage was falling apart. Her ex-husband’s addictions and abuse had caused enough damage, it was time to heal. During her healing process she wanted to understand more, not only about betrayal trauma but about pornography addiction itself.  This led to a passionate search for knowledge and truth surrounding this plague.  Her search led her to Life Changing Services where she immediately knew she had to be a part of this company and this important work.

Under the direction of Alana Gordon she wrote the WORTH-YSA course for single women and is passionate about helping to educate and empower women in this day where the rules of dating has changed due to the pervasive nature of pornography.  She has seen so much value in learning tools and gaining understanding that allows women to make better choices for themselves and gain a sense of greater individual worth.

She a is life coach, a betrayal trauma coach and a WORTH group mentor for both Life Changing Services and Choose Recovery Services. She is passionate about helping women find hope and healing through their own journey.

If you would like to work with Amie you can schedule a free 25 minute visit at https://choose.clientsecure.me/request/clinician

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Amie Woolsey

Hi, I’m Amie.

If you are looking for more support and tools to MOVE FORWARD, I would love to walk alongside you in YOUR JOURNEY. Both INDIVIDUAL and GROUP sessions are offered to give you the coaching experience that fits your needs.

I have seen so many incredible women RECLAIM THEIR POWER and CREATE THE LIFE THEY WANT despite the challenging circumstances they face. Whether you are healing from betrayal, abuse, or facing the effects of divorce, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I can help.

My own journey and experiences have prepared me to do this work.  Let’s work together! Book your free consultation HERE and let me show you how YOU can move forward too!

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