VLOG: Tear Up Your Manual!

Most of us have one….a manual that is.

We have a manual for our children, our spouse, our family, and even one for the holidays.

Instructions for how they should or shouldn’t behave, what they should say or NOT say, how things should go and what we should do and how we should react.

This holiday season, I invite you to notice when you have just grabbed your instruction manual and for who or for what. Then I invite you to RIP IT UP!

The truth is there isnt a certain way that people SHOULD behave and there isn’t a way that things SHOULD be, only the way things ARE- only the way YOU are.

Our judgments come when we think things shouldn’t be and then, we actually LOSE the connection with people that we were trying to have in the first place!

Let’s say someone actually DOES follow the manual we have typed out so nicely for them. Guess what?! . . We are actually connecting with this manual and NOT THE PERSON!

When we RIP UP our manuals – we just get to BE and we just get to LOVE and we just get to CONNECT.

Are you struggling to rip yours up? Does it leave you feeling vulnerable, fearful or out of control?

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