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You have decided that NOW is the time to do something for yourself. You are ready to take the next step in your life, you just don't want to do it alone. Girl, I got you!


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For those that want someone to walk beside them, motivate them, give them courage, and teach specific tools. (Meet in online zoom meeting).

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Group Coaching

All coaching sessions are held in an online Zoom room.
Distance is not a roadblock to finding your own courage and happiness!

Believe in Yourself in sand

Believe you can heal and create the life experience you want. Believe you have what it takes. Gain self-confidence and empowerment in your decisions and ability to trust yourself.

Empower yourself and eliminate fears that can come with dating. Arm yourself with knowledge and tools to confidently make good decisions about dating and your future.

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Happy Clients

If you are experiencing betrayal trauma and are seeking guidance to help you move forward Amie Woolsey is absolutely amazing. I will never forget my first meeting with Amie. She cried with me as I told her my story. I immediately had a connection with her. She has been through her own trauma, so she knows and understands how you feel in what you have endured. She has gone through the healing process herself, so she knows all the range of emotions that you are going to experience, and just knows exactly what to say to help you process it and move forward. I can’t say enough good about Amie. She is absolutely amazing.
Aime Woolsey
Heather H.
I found Amie Woosley through a series of tender mercies, when I was searching for more in my recovery. I have been able to move forward because Amie knows where I’ve been and where I need to go in order to heal. Her loving, but direct style allows me to think about things in a different way. I now have strategies and skills, I can use in real time, that will last forever. I have been able to make more progress in one month then I could have ever done with anyone else. Amie has truly been an answer to my prayers. For the first time in my recovery, I can see a bright healthy future ahead.
Aime Woolsey
Amie Woolsey has been my coach in my recovery from the trauma I have experienced for years, from my husband's sex addiction and his cheating on me, his lies and deceit!
My name is Debbie and I was in my marriage for 25 years before realizing I could make it on my own. Which I did for 20 years. My children had all left home and I had this wonderful man come into my life, I realized that even though he was a wonderful man I did not know if I could have a relationship with him because I had built a wall around myself that would protect me from all the heartache I had been through in the past.
I started meeting with Amie and she helped me to see that I needed to set boundaries and also she helped me to see how strong I am! She is an amazing coach. She would push me when I did not want to look deeper! With her help and my faith in God I have been able to move past my fears and am now in a strong relationship with a very loving and kind man whom I plan to marry! Amie I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and support! You are an amazing coach!!
Aime Woolsey

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