You Are Not Your Trauma

On today’s episode Alana and Amie discuss how hold onto your unchanging identity while healing through trauma. 

When you really start latching on to this new world of learning and understanding your trauma and addiction, finding safe circles and safe people and really start to put the puzzle pieces together it starts to create this level of understanding awareness and safety, and It becomes this huge relief!

Women who don’t have any identity outside of their trauma or their identity is so linked to the trauma, or so linked to their husband and what he is or isn’t doing, or so linked to their children and what they are doing or not doing, or their religion, what we see sometimes is the healing work gets so linked to all of these external pieces that women just really struggle to find who they are at their center. 

So learning how to hold onto your center, who you really are, so you will not get lost in the sometimes deep trenches of trauma work is critical.

Join our discussion today, feel free to share on your story for those who may need this.

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