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Gain the knowledge and tools to confidently make good decisions about dating and your future.

Every woman I know who has gone through a difficult but necessary divorce will say, “I wish I would have known what to look for while we were dating” or statements like, “I had no idea what sexual addiction was, that porn could be addictive, or how it changes the brain”.  

Because of this, Life Changing Services has supported me in writing a course for single women ages 18 – 30. The course not only educates women about what pornography addiction really is and how to talk about it in a healthy way with those they date, but this course empowers women to be confident in themselves and their decisions. 

It changes lives and gives women the knowledge and tools to date without fear.

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I've often wondered why colleges offer a wide selection of courses on practical life skills but offer no advice on the things that matter most -dating, for example. The boys claim we're the confusing ones, but let's be real: figuring out which guys are trustworthy and porn-free is hard and it's scary. That's why I'm so grateful I took this YSA course. It left me feeling empowered to date smart in a porn-filled world, providing critical knowledge, spiritual insight, lots of laughter and some much-needed straight talk. Amie in particular was delightfully down to earth and you could tell she really cared. Highly recommend this course.
Aime Woolsey
My father is addicted to pornography and I watched how my mother struggles with this. I was so afraid to date because I didn't want to be in the same situation when I got married. I took this class to help me prepare for the “worst case scenario”. I have since realized so much more about myself! The more I learned how to trust myself, trust God, know that I am enough and of worth, learn how to manage my fears and anxiety and so much more! I am no longer afraid to date and trust that I will do my best with what I know. I also learned that those with addictions are worthy of love yet I get to choose if I want to be in a relationship with someone who is struggling or not. If I do, I know I can do hard things. Amie was able to coach us along the way and always took time to answer our questions and calm our fears. She’s the best! I plan on going to her whenever I get stuck!
Aime Woolsey
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Cute Couple
I am loving having these conversations with my fiancé and being able to see that he is definitely a warrior who wants to win gives me so much hope. I love the fact that he is fighting to win for himself and his relationship with God, not for me or just to marry me.... THIS CLASS IS AMAZING and has given me perspective and hope and shown that when we fight, and work for the same goal, we can totally win!! I am very very grateful, and I am doing so much better.
Aime Woolsey
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